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2022-03-12 02:47:12 By : Ms. nancy wang

We are often told to take care of our eyes. We are told to give them rest while working on the computer, take proper diet with Vitamins A and C, do regular eye check-ups, wear protective eyewear while in the sun, etc.

When your eyes are weak, and you wear eyeglasses, those eyeglasses become your eyes to the world, as they enable you to see clearly. So it becomes equally important to take care of your eyeglasses as much as you take care of your eyes.

Plus, eyeglasses, especially cat eye glasses, are not just for the correction of vision; they are also a fashion accessory these days. 

Here are a few tips on how to take proper care of your eyeglasses:

Even if you have to clean your glasses with a chemical, first rinse the eyeglasses off with water. This removes all the dust and dirt particles from the lenses. If you wipe your dry lenses, the dirt particles may leave a scratch on your lenses.

If you are using a chemical fluid to clean your eyeglasses, make sure it is meant only for cleaning them. 

Do not ever clean the lenses of your eyeglasses with chemicals used to clean other screens like the screen of your laptop, the television screen, or those meant for cleaning windows.

How does a paper towel or a tissue feel on the skin? Soft, right? But it does not mean that anything that feels soft on the skin can be used for cleaning the lenses of your eyeglasses.

Also, refrain from cleaning your glasses with the clothes you are wearing, like your cotton t-shirt or shirt or even your handkerchief. These clothes, no doubt, are soft and purely cotton, but they might have lots of dust and dirt on them.

Keep your eyeglasses in the proper case that you bought with them. The eyeglasses are safe only in the case suited to them. The case should be of proper size, neither too large nor too small for the eyeglasses. 

5.Do not keep them anywhere

Even if you are removing your eyeglasses for a few minutes, do not keep them anywhere.

Most importantly, never keep your glasses with the lenses touching the surface. This will lead to a lot of scratches on the lenses, which will further compel you to get new eyeglasses.

The cleaner the lenses of your eyeglasses, the better you can see and the better it is for your eyes. So make it a habit to rinse your eyeglasses at least once a day. You can clean your glasses with a dry cloth otherwise.

With changing technology, there are newer kinds of lenses available every few days in the market. These newer trendy glasses not only are a trend but also help in protecting your eyes from a lot of harmful rays from devices such as computers and mobile phones.

If your eyeglasses have a lot of scratches on the lenses, prefer to change them. Eyeglasses with so many scratches will do more harm than good. So it is better to replace them with new ones. This is also something that eye specialist doctors suggest.

9.Do not wear them on your head

It is quite fascinating and cool to wear eyeglasses on the head like a headband instead of wearing them on your eyes. This is kind of a fashion. But what we often forget is that wearing eyeglasses like this damages the lenses. There are so many germs and dirt on our scalp and our hair that it will only make the lenses dirtier.

10.Do not expose them to sunlight

Imagine you are out with your friends on a sunny day, on top of a terrace restaurant, and you remove your glasses and place them on a table where they are exposed to sunlight for a long time. This will damage the protective coating of the lenses, so be careful.

Eyeglasses must be treated as carefully and delicately as human eyes. This needs to be understood well by people these days to stop the mishandling of eyeglasses.

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